Thursday, November 5, 2009


My husband is a concert fanatic, therefore, through marriage I am too. Why should I let him have all the fun, therefore, I also attend most concerts with him. We both grew up in the 80's so lately he has been really into attending concerts of bands from the 80's. Keith is a frequent visitor of Ticketmaster's website scouting out his next big concert coming to our area. You have to realize that we live in a city of only 23,000 people so not a lot of big name acts come to our city. But, Omaha is only a little over two hours away, so, that is where we travel to see a concert usually. Our local county fair does an awesome job also of bringing in big names and also one of the hotels in town has started a summer concert series that brings in big acts.

If Keith and I sat down and added up how much money we have spent this calendar year on concert tickets, it would be an outrageous amount. But as we both say, our entertainment part of the budget goes to concert tickets and everything associated with attending. We do not own a boat, we do not own a camper for camping, we do not golf, we do not belong to the country club, and we do not do many other entertaining things. In short, we love music concerts!!!

Let me give you a recap of the concerts that we have attended this year:

In January, we rocked out to AC/DC with our neighbors. That was an awesome concert. Our seats weren't the best, but we were in the building. Definitely worth every penny!

In February, Keith attended Motley Crue with his brother Cory (aka Chef Daddy from followtheleaders). They had awesome seats close to the stage and had a blast!

In March, we went to the Nickel Back concert with my brother and his wife. By the way, my husband LOVES Nickel Back. He has been classified as a groupie and borderline stalker by some people.

Then we took a few months off until June when we spent a weekend seeing Heart, Eddie Money, Big & Rich, and the Zac Brown Band. That was a fun weekend! Then two weeks later the county fair was going on and we went and saw Neil McCoy, Miranda Lambert and Charlie Daniels.

Then Labor Day weekend we went to another outdoor concert in town to see Kansas and Foreigner.

In October, Keith took our three girls to see Miley Cyrus. We cannot believe that we spent that much for those tickets. But the look on our daughters faces when they found out that they were going to get to go was PRICELESS.

Just the other day, Keith's tickets arrived in the mail for the KISS concert in December. He is going with two of his brothers. I will hang out with my sisters-in-laws for the night if we can find a sitter for all of the children.

We are always on the look out for the next concert. I'm pretty sure that the next tickets I will be buying will be Bon Jovi. We saw them about a year ago, but they were so good that we will definitely be going again. When I read this post over, I cannot believe that we spent all that money. But it is only money, and we had so much fun together enjoying them.

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  1. We love concerts too, especially country ones! Chef Daddy is looking forward to the upcoming KISS concert! I will start looking for a babysitter crazy enough to take on six kids that weekend! We will head to the mall!

  2. Oh I really, really wanted to see Big and Rich and The Zac Brown Band. My husband is not a concert fan. I am gald to hear that yours is and that you are having so much fun attending!

  3. Wow -- you went to some great concerts! What fun times!

    Hope you have a great weekend!