Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Leader Thanksgiving

Last Sunday was Thanksgiving on the Leader side of the family. Keith's parents hosted all of us for an awesome dinner. The daughters-in-law were all assigned to bring salads to help out Grandma Merina. I think I heard someone say that there were 28 people in the house. The weather wasn't too cold, so, the kids all got to burn off some energy at the park which is just across the street from Grandpa and Grandma's house.

Keith's brother Kenny and three nephews from California were home for the annual deer season. Nathen ended up shooting a nice size deer that morning. I think Jodee (from followtheleaders) has pictures of the deer to share on her blog. My husband was gracious enough to take the pictures for her.

It was a day of good food, good conversation and many laughs.

Erica bugging Eli while he plays a game.

Ashlin and Kamree talking to Uncle Kenny.

Jodee, Keith, Roger and David sitting around talking.

Grandma Merina setting up the dessert buffet.

Justin, Ashlin and Kamree waiting for their dessert.

Tomorrow we will go to dinner at my parents' house. Shortly after dinner, Keith and the kids will go to his parents to hang out with Kenny and the boys before they go back to California on Friday. I will be heading to Lincoln to prepare for a day of Black Friday shopping with Jodee.

Happy Thanksgiving,


  1. That looks like such a nice gathering and great time. Have a wonderful time tomorrow too!

  2. So nice you get to enjoy both familes without having to rush around in one day. I hear that I may get to meet you on Friday night when Jodee and I makeover her blog for the holidays! Have a great Thanksgiving and a lot of fun shopping!

  3. Blogging worlds and Jodee.....always fun to see.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. What a nice Thanksgiving you already had with the Leaders! That pie looks so yummy! Have a great holiday with your family and have fun shopping with Jodee!!


  5. Whooooo hoooo! I am counting down the hours until Black Friday! I can't wait!