Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Burn Fat Burn!!!

I am tired of being the weight that I am. At 5'3", you are NOT supposed to weigh what I weigh. I will not say how much I weigh because I am ashamed to say it out loud. The only time I weigh this much is when I am pregnant and I am definitely NOT pregnant. My baby is 2 years old and it is time for this excess weight to come off. I am not comfortable at this weight and I have decided to lose 20 pounds. My mind and my goal are set!

Therefore, for the last 10 days, I have been going to the YMCA and burning off calories. Justin and I drop the girls off at school and then we head for the Y. Justin goes to the babysitting room and I either head upstairs to the weight machines or elliptical machine or I take a Zumba class. This is the one hour a day that I take for myself.

I love Zumba!!! It is an exercise class to Latin dance music. It combines dance moves with exercise. I attend the class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and the class lasts one hour. I cannot begin to count how many lunges, squats and ab crunches you do in that hour. But, my mantra through the whole class is BURN FAT BURN! When I feel like giving up and taking it easy in the class, I repeat that mantra. The instructor is awesome and pushes you to the limit. I leave that class with sweat dripping from my hair and my shirt soaked from sweat, but I feel like I have accomplished something.

I want to become slimmer, more toned, and healthier. I don't want a square box figure anymore. I want my hourglass figure back (at least I think I used to have one). I want to see a waist. Therefore, I am paying careful attention to everything that goes into my mouth. For breakfast I am eating oatmeal and that is definitely NOT my favorite. I have a snack after exercising and then a light lunch. For supper I eat what is prepared for the family, but NO second helpings and I am trying to watch my portion sizes. I am trying to make a greater effort to eat more fruits and vegetables and NO in between meal snacks. I have cut way back on the sweets, chips and pop.

Please let this work! I just keep saying BURN FAT BURN!!!

Take care,


  1. Good for you Michelle! I am constantly battling my weight too. I've heard that Zumba is so much fun! Will have to check and see if my local Y offers it.


  2. Good for you! It is a constant battle, but it sounds like you are on the right track.

  3. I can completely relate to this post! I would kill to get some excess baby weight off that has been hanging around wayyyy too long!

    Zumba sounds like sooo much fun! Enjoy your new diet and exercise routine!