Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Questions Kids Ask

What comes out of a child's mouth is usually honest and to the point. Whether you want to hear it or have them tell someone else. What a child says can be embarrassing, funny, inquisitive, and many other things.

Ashlin, my 4-year old, attends preschool five mornings a week this school year. Her preschool is located in the same building as the catholic elementary school that her older sisters attend. Ashlin has a tendency to say funny things and ask many questions.

Well the other day I was running some errands with Ashlin and my 2-year old, Justin. Ashlin was asking me where we all had to go, how many stops, and if her and Justin could have candy if they were good. So, we are driving along when all of a sudden Ashlin changes the subject and says to me, "Mom, does God make the rainbows?". I replied that, "Yes, God makes the rainbows". There is a moment of silence from the back of the mini-van and then Ashlin says, "Mom, did you know that God made us?". I reply, "Yes, Ashlin, God made us too.". She then replies back, "Mom, God made all things.".

I can only assume from our conversation that Ashlin has been studying the story of creation at preschool and was testing her mother to see if I also knew about creation. Some days what my kids say and ask amazes me. I guess they really are listening to what goes on around them.

Take care,


  1. Way to go, Ashlin! She is such a smart little girl!

  2. What a cute story, she has been paying attention in Preschool!

    I went in last night and adjusted somethings. I hope it is better for you.

    Have a great Wednesday!