Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Three Dancers

Cara waiting in line before going on stage.

The amount of junk food consumed in the back is amazing.

Erica waiting in line before going on stage to perform.

Erica hanging out in the lunchroom eating her stash of goodies.

Ashlin and Whitney eating their supper before their performance.

They say that as parents we try to relive our own childhoods whether it is through family vacations, sports, camping, activities, etc. Sometimes we push our children to do activities because we wanted to do that activity as a child and did not get the chance to. As a child, I was not a dancer. I loved music and dancing, but there were no dance classes for me. I wish there would have been though.

Maybe that is why my three girls are dancers. They each started taking dance classes when they were three years old. Currently, Ashlin is in her 2nd year of dance, Erica her 4th year, and Cara her 7th year.
They love to dance! Their play time many days consists of dressing up and dancing to old recital DVDs. They make up new dances to their favorite songs. But, in general they love to dance.

Each year at recital it is exciting to see all of the colorful costumes. Plus, you can see how much each dancer has improved since the previous year. I always feel so proud of them and their accomplishments. Dance has taught my girls to be confident on the stage and not afraid. To see their smiles when they are performing is priceless! Keith always asks after the recital how much it cost him. I reply that he doesn't want to know. Keith doesn't care about the cost, but he wants to know anyway how much he spent. The cost is high with three girls dancing. The cost of costumes, pictures, make-up, shoes, tights, classes and recital fees is all money well spent to see them up of that stage having the time of their lives.
Today I am sharing some behind the scene pictures from last June's dance recital.
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  1. Oh my -- your girls are so beautiful! I'm sure that it is so much fun to see them perform and improve every year -- priceless, right! Hope you're having a great Wednesday!


  2. Great pictures! The girls look soooo cute all decked out in their dance costumes!

    I am soooo with you on this one. I want Kamree to dance because I was never able to. We plan to start her in dance this spring. I can't wait!

    See you in a few days!