Thursday, August 9, 2012

Worlds of Fun

They all four agreed to pose for this photo which was totally amazing.
 For the second week of vacation, we headed to Kansas City for a few days.  The kids all wanted to go to an amusement park so on Monday we headed to Worlds of Fun & Oceans of Fun.  We purchased the Ride & Slide tickets which allowed us to visit and enjoy both parks in the same day.  All of my photos are from Worlds of Fun because once we went over to the other park there was just too much water flying around for my camera to be safe, so I stored it safely in a locker.
 Like many amusement parks the first ride you see when you enter the park is the merry-go-round.  Naturally we got in line to ride right away.
 We all got in line to ride the bumper cars and when we got to the front they would not let Justin ride because he was too short.  They wouldn't even let him ride with an adult which made one little boy very sad and mad.

 He was much happier when we found the bumper cars for little people in another section of the park.  He was so happy that he got to drive his own car without any help.
 This small roller coaster was in the Snoopy park and Erica, Ashlin and Justin rode it a few times.  It was just their speed.
 The whole family rode these antique cars.  Dad, Cara and Justin were in one car and Mom, Erica, and Ashlin were in another car. 

 Only Ashlin and Justin were the right size to ride the airplanes.
 They all four decided to ride this space ride together.

 Snoopy and Sally were walking around the park.  Kids were seen giving them hugs and getting their photos taken with them.  Justin thought it was so funny to give them hugs.
Naturally, our kids had to find World's of Fun's version of the Frog Hopper ride.  This ride is probably their all time favorite ride.  They just love it.

We had a ton of fun that day.  We arrived at the park at 10:30 a.m. and left at 7:15 p.m.  We enjoyed both parks on a very hot day in Kansas City.  It was a successful first day in Kansas City.

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  1. Loved the trip down memory lane! Worlds of Fun is such a special place.

  2. After reading this post, we may have to make a switch next year from Adventureland! It looks like you had a great day!