Friday, August 10, 2012


 On the second day of our trip to Kansas City, we went downtown to Crown Center to check out some of the attractions there.  Our first stop of the day was at Legoland.  This interactive display of Legos was just opened in 2012 and the line outside the building was long.  We waited in line for about 45 minutes to get in the building.  There was a line again right after lunch, but about an hour later the line was non-existent.
 Your first stop is an area where they tell and illustrate how Legos are made and the history of them.
 Next you move on to a ride similar to a video game.  Guests ride in cars and shoot bad guys while trying to save the princess.  The game records your shooting score.
This photo shows downtown Kansas City.
 After exiting the ride, you get to explore a city made out of Legos which was really amazing.  
More Legos depicting downtown Kansas City.

A Kansas City Chiefs football game out of Legos.

 Then Justin and I went on this ride depicting flying wizards.  You rode in these cars and then powered the ride to go up and down by pedaling.  The faster you pedaled the higher you could go.  If you quit pedaling or slowed down you would fly lower.
 There were many areas for you to build with Legos.
 They showed a 15 minute 4-D movie featuring Lego characters.  You wore 3-D glasses, but you got to feel snow, wind, rain, spit, etc.  It was a very cool little movie.
 Guests could make cars out of Legos and then race them down ramps.  Legoland was very crowded, but had some cool aspects.

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  1. Wow -- sounds cool. Headed to KC soon, so will be checking it out! Have a fun fair weekend!

  2. Carson is dying to get here! We were in K.C. in March and I think Legoland opened in May so we just missed it! That movie sounds sooo cool! What a fun day!