Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Knox County Fair

 Not a year goes by that we don't attend the Knox County Fair in Keith's hometown of Bloomfield.  We especially wouldn't miss wristband afternoon at the fair.  We buy four wristbands and our kids ride the carnival rides for about 4 hours.  They go from one ride to another with a break for a snack at some point during the afternoon.
 This year we were joined by cousins Carson and Kamree at wristband afternoon.  The cousins had a great time riding on the carnival rides together.
 This year was by far the coolest afternoon I can remember for wristband day.  Normally the weather is hot and humid.  This year it even rained every once in awhile.
 After riding the rides for hours, the kids finally called it quits and we headed to Grandpa and Grandma Leader's house for supper and some relaxing time.  After supper, the adults and Cara headed back to the fair to enjoy the concert.
 The featured concert for the night was "Hairball".  They are a 80's tribute band.  Keith and I first saw this band last year at the Knox County Fair.  We also saw them earlier this summer at the Divots Concert Series.  Cory and Jodee had never seen them perform, but had heard us rave about their performances.
 It even started to rain pretty good during the concert, but the band kept playing.  They put on a great show for the big crowd.

 It was another great year of fun at the Knox County Fair!  We can't until next year.
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  1. I am sooo glad we got to join you this year and the concert was a complete blast! Can't wait for next year or a future roadtrip to see Hairball before!