Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Sea Life Aquarium

 Next, we went to Sea Life.  Sea Life is located in the same building as Lego Land.  Sea Life is an interactive aquarium.  There is a lot of reading of signs and nameplates on the walls to figure out what kind of sea life you are looking at.  For children they had a scavenger hunt map to be completed.  The kids had to answer questions along the route through the aquarium.  To answer the questions, they had to read various signs on the walls. 

 There was a pool where you could tough starfish, snails and sea anemones, etc.  This is Justin's arm going into the water to touch.
 These fish reminded the kids of some of the fish on "Finding Nemo".

I love the jelly fish.  At the end of the maze through the aquarium, was a kid friendly play area before entering into the gift shop.  Why do they always put a gift shop at the end of any tour???  I hate them.  We have already paid money to enter and then they know that every child is going to want a toy at the end of the tour.

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  1. We love the aquarium. The jelly fish are my favortite too. So far we have been blessed, as Logan and Madison do not ask for toys in the gift shop!

  2. It looks like another fun outing and don't even get me started on those gift shops! We may have to head to K.C. for fall break if our house sells before then!