Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cara's 12th Birthday

 Cara's 12th birthday was on August 18th.  The weather was cold and dreary all day.  She wanted to spend her birthday boating at the lake with some of her friends, but since the weather was too cold we had to come up with another plan.
 She invited over two of her friends, Charli and Audrey, to spend the night and have some fun.  First we took the group out to Bailey's for a nice supper.  Cara loves the walleye that they serve on Friday and Saturday nights as the special.
 Cara didn't pick a traditional cake.  She picked out this cookies-n-cream ice cream cake.  It was really delicious.
 After eating supper, the girls picked to go bowling for awhile.  They bowled two games with Ashlin joining in for fun.
 Ashlin had a cheesy smile because she won both games of bowling.  The other girls complained it wasn't fair because Ashlin got to use bumpers while they didn't.
After bowling, the girls rented two movies from the Redbox and we all went home to chill out.  The night can be considered a success because these three girls stayed up until 4:30 a.m. before falling asleep.

Take care,


  1. 12!! You're just barely ahead of me. So cute!

  2. It looks like Cara had a great time celebrating her birthday!