Wednesday, August 22, 2012

1st Day of Preschool

Standing out front of school on Preschool Open House Day last Thursday.
 Our little boy isn't little any more.  He started preschool yesterday and he couldn't wait to start going to school like his sisters.  He has been counting the months and then days since last January when we enrolled him in preschool at Sonshine Preschool.  His preschool is located in the same elementary building where his sisters attend school.  
 Justin's Preschool teacher is Mrs. Dene Nedrow.  She taught each one of the girls in preschool.  Actually, Cara was in her first preschool class.  Previously she taught other elementary grades.  
 Mrs. Sheila Keiser is Justin's other Preschool teacher.  Mrs. Keiser is the para for the morning preschool class.
Justin was so excited for his first day of school on Monday.  He picked out his clothes that morning and wore his new tennis shoes.  He also had his new backpack.  Justin wanted to walk into school by himself, but Dad met us at school to walk him in on the first day.  On his second day of school, he jumped out of the van with his sisters, turned around and waved and said, "See you later, Mom!" with a huge smile on his face.  Our little boy is definitely a big boy now!

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  1. How exciting for all of you!

  2. How exciting for him. Glad he is already enjoying it!