Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Meet the Teacher Night/First Day of School

 Our Meet the Teacher Night is always the Monday night before school starts.  All the students can bring their backpacks loaded down with school supplies to their classroom and meet their new teacher for the year.  This eliminates having to carry it all on the first day of school.  The girls each got new backpacks this year.
 The laundry basket was loaded down with all of the supplies that did not fit into the backpacks. It contained 8 boxes of Kleenex, 3 reams of copier paper, and 3 containers of disinfecting wipes.
 Ashlin is in 2nd Grade this year and her teacher is Mrs. Nicole Pfeifer.  Ashlin was very excited to get Mrs. Pfeifer as a teacher because she is also one of our neighbors.  This is a big year for  Ashlin because she will celebrate and receive 2 holy sacraments this year in the Catholic Church.  She will celebrate the Rite of Confession and First Holy Communion.  She is excited and ready for a new school year to begin.
 Erica is in the 4th Grade this year and her teacher is Mrs. Vonnie Arens.  Mrs. Arens was sick on Meet the Teacher Night, so, we took her photo with Erica on the first day of classes.  Each year the school has a theme and the teachers dress-up according to the theme.  Our theme this year is "I Want to Live Like That".  We are starting a new anti-bullying program this year called "PeaceBuilders".  The teachers dressed up in tie-dye shirts and also builders uniforms.  Erica is excited to start 4th Grade and is ready for her class trip to Lincoln in the spring after learning about the history of Nebraska in Social Studies.
 Cara is in 6th Grade this year and her teacher is Mr. Dusty Korth.  Mr. Korth is also my first cousin.  As you can see, both Cara and Mr. Korth have red hair.  Cara was not ready to go back to school, but she was ready to see her classmates.  Cara is still a student in the smallest grade in the entire school with only 35 students.  Cara is looking forward already to the end of 6th Grade when she will be promoted at Mass to junior high.
 On the first day of school, I always take the girls' photo with Mr. Troy Berryman, the elementary school principal.  He always dresses whole-heartily with the theme for the school year.  Plus, the girls will remember the year's theme when they see the photo.
Another ritual, I always take their photo before leaving the house on the first day of school.  As you can see, Ashlin did not want to cooperate that morning.  Justin insisted on being in the photo since he gets to go to pre-school this year.  Another first day of school is in the books!

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  1. Hope everyone had a great first day back to school! Cute pictures!