Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Snowman Tradition

With all of the snow that we have had so far this winter, you would think that their would be at least one snowman in our yard. But, until this last Saturday, we did not have a snowman. Keith told the girls that since the weather was nice and the snow would be soft that Saturday afternoon would be the perfect time. After we got home from the museum, Keith and Erica headed out to the backyard to make a snowman. It turned out they made two snowmen.

Keith with the snowmen.

Keith and Erica with their two snowmen.

Another shot Keith and Erica with the finished product.

Take care,


  1. They did a great job! The snow got so icy so fast that we haven't made a snowman either -- and now, I'm just really tired of winter weather! Have a great Wednesday!

  2. They're precious! And, so memorable for kids. Our snow has not been all "snowman friendly". So, one here yet!

  3. I love, love, love the snowman pictures! We haven't made one yet either! We need to get busy!

  4. Love the cute snowmen! I can't believe with all that snow that you hadn't made one before now!