Monday, January 4, 2010

Korth Christmas

Yes, I know that Christmas is past, but because of the snow blizzard that hit, Christmas on the Korth side had to be postponed. The Korth Christmas was supposed to be on Christmas Eve, but mother nature did not cooperate so we celebrated this last Saturday. My brother and his family did not get to attend because the flu had hit their house. We had Christmas dinner at noon and the snow had started to fall and by the time we went home that evening we had received at least another inch of snow. We all enjoyed opening presents, eating more holiday food, watching college football bowl games, playing cards and games, and just talking.

My Mom makes us take a family picture every year before we get to open any presents. We used to take our family picture in front of the Christmas tree, but the family has grown so much that now we just pull the couch out from the wall and everyone sets the timer on their cameras for the family photo.

My Mom then decided that she wanted a family photo of each family.
Our family photo.

My sister Holly, her husband Ron and their baby Jack.

My parents, Robert and Glenda.

Justin opening his new wooden fence. This will come in handy for the farm animals that he received for Christmas.

Grandpa helping Ashlin hold up her new sweatshirt.

Erica with her new pair of jeans with sparkles on the pockets.

Cara opening up her present of new jeans and a new shirt.

Grandpa got a new trucking hat from Grandma.

Ron and Jack. Jack was a little overwhelmed by his Leader cousins. Jack's cousins were louder and bigger than him. I would have been scared of them too. The Leader cousins just wanted to hold, squeeze and play with Jack. Jack wanted his own space.

Grandpa, Daddy and Justin putting Justin's new golf cart together. The process involved tools so Justin was in tool heaven.

I think and I hope that this is my last Christmas post. I have been behind in posting and neglecting blog world over the holidays. I haven't even shared about New Year's Eve or my New Year's resolutions. The girls will be heading back to school on Wednesday and then hopefully Justin and Mommy can get back to a regular routine.
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  1. What an excellent problem to have. Family is too big for the Christmas tree back drop. I'm jealous!

    Great photos. I'm enjoying all of the Christmas recaps!

  2. It looks like the Korth Christmas was a blast. We just celebrated with my family this past Saturday and Sunday.

    Carson has that same wood fence. Justin is going to LOVE it!

    Cory leaves for Denver tonight. It's back to single parenting for me :( I am sure it will blizzard, as well, since he will be gone! I am starting to HATE winter!

    Have a great week!

  3. Looks like a great Christmas. We had a huge ice storm during Christmas a few years ago and ended up celebrating Christmas, New Years and my birthday all on the same day!

  4. What a great Christmas! Even though our weather didn't cooperate, looks like everyone had fun!


  5. Better late the never, glad you got to celebrate with your family. It looks like a fun time and I love the family pictures!

  6. Glad everyone was finally able to get together and you had a Merry Christmas!