Friday, January 29, 2010

Mother/Daughter Look Alike Contest

Last Friday and Saturday was the Women's Expo here in Norfolk. There were over 30 booths featuring local businesses and their products. There were booths selling handbags, home decor, scrapbooking products, eyecare, jewelry, Tupperware, hair/beauty products, etc. There was one booth on photography. Reflections Portraits is a local photography studio. Reflections was sponsoring a Mother/Daughter Look Alike Contest. All you had to do was stop by their booth and get your picture taken to be entered. This contest had been publicized in the newspaper.

I told Cara that if we were going to ever win a contest this was the one for us to enter. Truth be told, Cara looks exactly like me when I was 9 years old. Ashlin also looks like me, but I decided that I could only take one daughter to the Expo and enter the contest. I chose Cara because she is the oldest and would behave the best while I browsed for awhile at the Expo.

At first Cara was embarrassed and said that there was no way that she would do it. I again stressed to her that we definitely did look alike and that we should give it a try. Saturday morning Cara was ready to go and give it a shot.

The third booth that we went to at the Expo was the photography booth for the contest. Right away the photographer was telling us how much we looked alike. She proceeded to take about four different poses of us together and then she took a few shots of Cara by herself. Then we were told that we could check out our proofs online in a few days. Cara and I then walked around the Expo and browsed, but everywhere we went ladies kept asking us if we had gotten our picture taken for the Look Alike Contest.

Yesterday I received an e-mail that Cara and I had placed 2nd in the contest and that she would be mailing our gift certificate to us. Cara was so excited and I was also. We checked out our proofs online and some of them are amazing.

So, you tell us if you think that Cara and I look alike!! You can check out the 1st place winner and Cara's and my 2nd place photo at the photographers blog Reflections Portraits under the post - Women's Expo 2010.

Take care,


  1. Holy cats! I love the professional picture of you two. I hope you get a copy to frame for your house! Where did you get a gift certificate to? I am nosey like that!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. It is a great picture! What a fun contest. I am glad she decided to go for it and now she knows "listen to your mother you might just win something!"

    Have a fun weekend!