Monday, January 11, 2010

Passion or Obsession

Do you know anyone that has a passion for something? But, where do you draw the line between passion and obsession? Some people get obsessed about a certain cause, such as, raising money for the American Cancer Society or Jump Rope for Heart. Other people show great passion for their children's sports team, but then they become obsessed about performance and team records.

I have a passion for my children's school. But, sometimes that passion turns into an obsession. As I have mentioned before, my children attend a catholic school. When it comes to fundraising for the school, I am more that willing to participate and help do whatever because I know that the school is financially poor. But then again, in this economy, what school either public or parochial is not in need of money.

This all leads up to the current obsession on my list. U.S. Cellular is giving away $1 million to ten schools in America. The ten schools with the most votes for their school win $100,000 each. Lately I have become obsessed with getting voting cards and getting friends and relatives to allow me to use their e-mail addresses to vote for our school. The last time the standings were posted, we were still in the running for the money. Another parochial school 30 miles south of Norfolk won the money last year. I cannot imagine how much this money would help our school if we are fortunate to win.

On the down side, we have found out that many families that send their children to our school have not voted. This leaves me feeling disappointed and upset. This company is giving away FREE money!!! It takes two minutes to vote and who doesn't love FREE money.

A few months ago, I became obsessed with winning the school $50,000 of more FREE money from Box Tops for Education. They had a corporate sponsor that was giving two schools $50,000 each and all you had to do was register for the giveaway once per day. I went to a Home & School (like PTA) and brought up this giveaway and became very excited while I was explaining this giveaway. Some parents looked at me like I had grown two heads, but I don't care. This was FREE money for our school! Unfortunately, we did not win that money, but at least we tried.

Okay, I am stepping down from my soapbox now. I have to go on another mission to get more voting cards.

Take care,


  1. I think a passion like this is a good one and certainly with fabulous intentions. I can't imagine other parents not wanting to help?!

  2. I think what you do sounds great!! Nick goes to a catholic school and there are committees being formed everyday to try to raise money.

    Keep up the good work:)


  3. Good job! It is important to help raise money for our Catholic schools! We save taxpayers money by not having our kids go to the public schools. Good luck and keep up the good work!


  4. Fundraising is soooo important. I hope your school wins! Bring on the free money!

  5. Way to go! I hope your school wins!

  6. Good luck, I hope your school makes it!

  7. I hope your school wins. My school was one of the schools that won the 50,000 from BoxTops!