Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Help the Children of Haiti

Yesterday Ashlin was dropped off from Preschool by the carpool. She came in the house and immediately yelled that she was home. I asked her how school was and she said that she had an important note for me to read. Ashlin got the note out of her backpack for me to read. After I finished reading the note Ashlin said, "Mom we have to help those kids." The note was from Ashlin's Preschool Teacher and what the preschool class could do to help the children of Haiti. Mrs. Nedrow contacted the Orphan Grain Train in Norfolk and asked what her preschool class could do to help the children of Haiti. It was suggested that the class help out by donating new socks and underwear for the little children of Haiti.

Ashlin's class must have learned about the poor children in Haiti at school yesterday. Ashlin knew that these children needed help. She knew that these children needed new socks and underwear. Also, she knew that the children in Haiti did not have beds to sleep on and that they slept on dirt.

Today after picking Ashlin up from preschool we went to the store and purchased new socks and underwear for Ashlin to give to the children of Haiti. Ashlin picked out "Fancy Nancy" and "High School Musical" little girl underwear and a big package of little girl socks.

Next week is Catholic Schools Week and our school is holding a clothing drive for the children of Haiti. We can bring new or gently used summer clothing to school and it will be shipped to Haiti. A few weeks ago, the second collection money at Mass also went to Haiti to help after the earthquake.

God Bless these little children of Haiti!

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  1. I love how little minds work.....they see a need and act. We should all be so wise!

  2. My heart just breaks for all of the children in Haiti. We also had a second collection at church last week. Nelnet is also sending over money. I wish we could do more though.

  3. I think this is great that her school is doing this. Our church is a drop off spot for a local mission that is sending stuff to Haiti.

  4. Our school is doing this as well....

    It kills me to watch the news and see all that is going on over is heart wrenching.

  5. We've been doing the same too, it is just so heart breaking for this country. Our girls have been wanting to do their part as well. It's so nice that they are learning at such a young age to help those in need.