Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Make 'n Take Day

Saturday was Make 'n Take Day at the local museum. They have craft afternoons once a month and the girls love to attend. It is two hours of crafts and fun. The girls and I headed to the museum for an afternoon filled with snowmen crafts. Daddy and Justin went to the play area at the mall and then nap time while we were gone.

Usually, I spend the time helping Ashlin with her crafts that are too hard for her to complete on her own. Also, I usually take pictures of the girls working on their crafts. But, this time the museum was running short on volunteers to work a craft table, so, I stepped up to help. This left the girls on their own and I thought they did a really good job on their crafts.

The crafts that the girls made - snowman boxes, snow measuring sticks, peanut snowman pins, ice skate pins and wet mitten hangers.

Justin trying on one of the girl's stocking hats that they made.

Ashlin modeling her scarf and hat that Cara made for her.

A picture of our three girls with the fleece stocking hats and scarves that they made at craft day. Cara did most of the work for her sisters. They all agreed that these hats and scarves were so warm.

Take care,



  1. Oh, that picture on the fireplace is precious. They're all so proud!

    And, they did well on their own.......not easy crafts to do!

  2. What a great way to spend a Saturday. I love all the cute crafts!

  3. I love that last picture....they are so cute!! The kids did such a great job on their crafts:)



  4. What a fun outing! It looks like the girls had a blast! I love the last picture!