Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wayne State Volleyball Camp

 This week Cara spent two days attending a volleyball camp at Wayne State College.  The camp was for girls in 3rd-8th grade. We carpooled with other girls in Cara's class.
 I am not sure how many girls attended the camp, but the gym was always full along with a couple other gyms.  Unfortunately, the air conditioning was not working in the gym, so, the gym was very warm and muggy.
 Cara got to hang out with other girls that she has been volleyball against in summer league volleyball, which she thought was fun.
 We paid the extra money so that Cara could enjoy lunch on campus instead of taking a brown bag lunch.  From the conversations that I heard in the car and from Cara, it was money well spent.  The girls thought the food was so good and couldn't believe all of the food choices.  These girls had no idea that college food was like that!
 Cara made this comment to me after getting home the last day, "That was the hardest I have ever worked at a camp and it was also the most fun I have ever had a camp."  Guess this means she will probably want to go back next summer for volleyball camp.
 On the last day, awards were handed out by the Wayne State Volleyball Team to some of the camp participants.  Wayne State College has really been a successful volleyball team the last few years.  One of the team members is from Norfolk, Liz Gebhart, graduated from Lutheran High Northeast.
One last team huddle before camp was officially over!

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  1. What a great camp!! Sounds like she had a blast and worked hard!

  2. I bet Cara had a blast! How fun. And, I love that they enjoyed the food. :)

    1. We told Cara that the food is how college freshman gain the "freshman 15".

  3. Wow! What a fabulous camp! I bet she goes back next year!

    P.S. Have fun at Hairball tomorrow night. We are in for Hairball at the Bloomfield Fair!