Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nucor Giants Baseball

 On Monday and Wednesday nights, we can be found at the baseball fields by the Norfolk Public Library watching Justin play baseball on the Nucor Giants Baseball Team.
 Justin has an awesome coach this year.  The coach is very patient with these boys that are 4-6 years old.  He has taught them the name of each position and where each position stands in the field.  The coach reviews this with the kids each game and during practice.  The are working on knowing what a force out is.
 All lined up to bat.  I think the coach is touching Justin's batting helmet in the photo.

 Last game the first time through the batting order each player hit the ball off the tee. 
 But the next time through the batting order, each one got to have the coach pitch to them.  They were each given four chances to hit.  If they weren't successful, then the tee was brought out to hit off of. 
Justin had a hard hit to third base when the coach was pitching.  He was so excited that he hit the ball!  Only a few more weeks of baseball left.  The summer is moving fast!

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