Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Fun is Exhausting!

We attempted to go boating last weekend for the first time this summer.  After driving an hour up to the river and putting the boat in, the boat would not start.  We tried charging the battery longer and even tried a jump start, but the boat would not start.

Our kids were pretty bummed until the Johnson Family asked if they wanted to boat with them for awhile.  The kids went with the Johnson Family and had fun tubing.  Keith and I stayed behind and took the boat out of the water and covered.  Hopefully the boat will get fixed this week and we can try again.

After being in the sun and boating, we had one tired little boy on the way home.  Justin fell asleep in the truck and didn't even hardly blink when Keith carried him inside. 

Take care,


  1. Summer fun is wearing me out too! It makes for great naptime and bedtime with kids.

  2. Hope the boat is back in the water and working well! Summer fun is tiring! Hope you're having a fun Wednesday!

  3. Summer is hard work! Hope the boat stops giving you a hard time soon.

  4. Bless his little heart! I have a similar picture of Carson from this summer! I agree -- summer is sooo fun but exhausting too!

    Hope you get your boat up and running soon so we can come and visit!