Tuesday, June 4, 2013

2013 Knox County Relay for Life

 Friday night was the Knox County Relay for Life in Creighton.  This year was the 12th year for our Leader/Guenther "Wanna-B-Lifesavers" team.  Not very members of our team were there for the walk this year, but we still raised some money.  The walk this year was moved from mid-July to May 31st to beat the hot weather.  The weather this year was very windy and cold.  When the event started it was about 65 degrees without the wind factored in.
There were 15 teams this year, but I don't think very many people stayed the whole night due to the weather.  The oral auction that is usually held outdoors on the infield of the track was moved indoors due to the weather.  Merina's "Team Jack" t-shirt and concrete grey cancer ribbon did sell for $400, which was awesome.  Hopefully some day a cure will be found for all forms of cancer!

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  1. Good work! Love including my kids in on such events.

  2. Good job -- such important work!

  3. So sorry we missed it as it is always a great time for a great cause. Where were the kids?!