Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer League Volleyball

 Last summer Cara played summer league volleyball for the four Wednesdays in June.  The league was for girls going into 6th-8th grade.  This summer the league was expanded to include 5th graders; therefore, Erica gets to also play this summer.
 The Norfolk Catholic 5th graders have 12 girls playing summer league volleyball, so, they have a red team and a black team.  Erica is so excited about playing and improving her skills.
 It is total game experience for these girls and getting them touches while having fun playing.  The first week the girls lost both of their games, but last week Erica's team won a few sets and they were super excited.  Each week they play their skills are improving.
 Erica, Cara and Ashlin have been practicing in the driveway bumping the ball, setting the ball and serving the ball.  Erica's serve has really improved.
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  1. Such a great sport and sound like the girls are having loads of fun! Don't you love summer!

  2. Cute pictures! Kamree loves volleyball too!