Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fair Crunch Time

 The Madison County Fair officially starts next week, but the first 4-H entry day was this last Saturday.  Cara and Erica had to enter all of their non-perishable entries (everything except baking and gardening).  Erica made this tie-dye t-shirt while on a camping trip with a friend.  She received a purple ribbon for the t-shirt.
Cara is in the Clothing Level I sewing project and she made this swim-suit cover-up from a beach towel.  It was a simple and cute project and she received a blue ribbon.
Erica made this zebra print envelope back pillow and then painted and decorated her lamp to match.  Both items received purple ribbons.  Erica also took another patchwork pillow and received a purple.
All of their items are interview judged.  Erica also took a concrete garden turtle, a snowman picture made out of felt and buttons and a memo/message board.  The memo/message board was Erica's only blue ribbon.
Cara also made a concrete garden turtle, an Americana wall hanging and this chalk drawing picture.  She received a blue on the drawing and purple ribbons on the others. 

The girls were loading the car Saturday morning to go to get judged with all of their items.  All their entries were in a laundry basket and a garden flat to help with carrying everything.  When loading the car, the laundry basket holding Cara's framed drawing was not pushed in far enough and the glass shattered when the back end was closed.  Therefore, we had to make a trip to Hobby Lobby to purchase a new frame with glass before going to the fair to repair the picture.  You always have to be ready for at least one thing to go wrong.

Next Wednesday we will be back at the fair to enter all our baking, gardening and open class entries.  The push is on to finish the rest of our projects.  Cara is going to try making some jelly either today or tomorrow.  Cross your fingers and hope that it turns out!

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  1. Wow -- impressive!! Way to go girls! Have a happy and safe 4th!

  2. You do always have to be ready for at least one thing to go wrong. Good lesson!

  3. Wow! Your girls are sooo talented! I am most impressed!