Monday, June 3, 2013

Kingdom Rock Vacation Bible School

Justin and I spent every morning last week at Kingdom Rock Vacation Bible School.  Justin was in the Kindergarten room and I was an adult helper I that room.  Every morning we learned a way that God would help us "Stand Strong".  Some ways to "Stand Strong" were through prayer, through the Bible, through our family and friends, etc.
 Every day we also had a new Bible buddy to help us learn a new way to "Stand Strong".  We learned about Truman the bulldog, Duke the horse, Swift the eagle, and Sir Valiant the lion.  We also got to listen and watch a video about Chaddar the chipmunk and his adventure.
 The kids loved music time.  A group of older students came into the room each day and taught the students some religious songs with actions.  By the end of the week, they knew many new songs.
 The students also did a craft each day.  They made pillows, decorated knight shields, made crowns, etc.  Every day after craft time it was snack time which is always a hit! 
The students also listened to a new Bible story each day.  The focus this year was on the Old Testament so the Bible stories were new to the kids.  It was a great week at Kingdom Rock!

Take care


  1. It looks like Justin had loads of fun!

  2. Stand that. I have such great memories from vbs.

  3. Bible School is always so much fun. I think this is the theme that our church will be using for our bible school in a few weeks.