Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Piano Recital

 Last Friday, Cara and Erica had their spring piano recital at The Meadows.  Erica was the first performer of the evening.  She was really nervous, but did an excellent job.  Erica played "Oom-Pa-pa!" and "The Purple Cow".
 Cara played "Stroll in the Park" and "Oh! Susanna" for the recital.  Cara was so laid back about the recital that when she paused in her first song and the audience clapped, she just went on to her second song, instead of finishing her first song.  I told her that she should have finished the song, but Cara replied, "Well they clapped like it was the end of the song, so I just went on to the next one."
 Mrs. Nissen with her piano students for the year.  There were a few students missing.  Each student played beautifully.  It is always good to listen to their progress from recital to recital.  There were two students having their final recitals as they are seniors and moving on to college.

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  1. Love piano -- recitals must be so much fun! Makes me wonder if Maddy's uke teacher will have a recital! :)

  2. I always wanted to play piano. So fun!

  3. I always wanted to play the piano too! Way to go, Cara and Erica!