Friday, May 3, 2013

4th Grade Field Trip - Part II

 After leaving Memorial Stadium, the students had to walk across campus to Morrill Hall.  At Morrill Hall, each group could browse at their own speed without having a guided tour.
 In the 4th Grade Nebraska book, they have studied about animals that are native to Nebraska and this gave the kids a chance to check them out up close.
 These girls were my group to keep track of:  Erica, Adri, and Addyson.  Here they are posing by the skeleton of a woolly mammoth.
 Every Nebraskan knows about the migration of the whooping crane.  People stop along the interstate to watch them in south central Nebraska.
 The explorers Lewis and Clark caught a prairie dog on their expedition to take back to the president.  They had a hard time catching one though.
Bison used to roam the plains of Nebraska.  After touring the museum, we all ate our lunch outside at some picnic tables.  The weather was very nice that day so it was nice to eat in the sun.

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  1. I love learning about native animals.....and letting kids see how their world relates back in time.

  2. We LOVE Morrill Hall -- such a hidden treasure for Lincolnites! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. We also love Morrill Hall! I wish we could have met up with you!

    I am behind! I will swing back to read Part 1!