Thursday, May 2, 2013

4th Grade Field Trip - Part I

My name was drawn out of the hat to one of the parent chaperone's on the 4th Grade field trip last week.  The bus left the school parking lot at 6:45 a.m. loaded with a group of excited 4th graders.  They also had to take a school van loaded with students and the parents carpooled behind.  Erica was up and ready to go.  I'm not sure she slept much the night before because she was so excited to go on the field trip.
The 35 foot continuous waterfall in the lobby.
 The first stop of the day was Memorial Stadium, home of the Nebraska Cornhusker football team. These athletes have one of the best training facilities in the nation.  The front lobby is a tribute to the success of Nebraska football over the years and left these students in awe.
 On display in the lobby are the five football national championship trophies.
 This football mural covers one whole wall in the lobby.
 Our tour guide was an older gentleman who has had football season tickets for years.  He told the kids many facts about Nebraska football and pointed out many sights along the tour.  The photo above shows the three Heisman Trophy winners at Nebraska.
 He told all of the students in our group to run out to the "N" at midfield and back.  They all took off and were very excited to actually get to run on the field.  The tour guide pointed out to the students the construction going on in the east stadium of an addition of 8,000 seats to the stadium. 
 One student told the tour guide with pride that we were visiting from Norfolk Catholic and that our high school team won the C-1 state football title last fall.
 Our group was so large that the university divided us into two groups to make the tour more manageable.  This was Mrs. Aren's group of students.

 On one wall of the stadium where the football players walk on a red carpet to get to the playing field, is a list of all letter winners by year.  Erica was very proud to point out to her class the name, "David Leader", her uncle.
 This horseshoe is touched by each player for good luck on their way to the field to play a game.
Mrs. Arens made Erica pose for this photo inside the indoor practice field for the athletes.  We also got to view the weight room and training facilities.  No photos are allowed in certain areas, no photos of athletes, and no photos of coaches per NCAA rules. 

The other group of students were told that Suh was in the building.  Mrs. Claussen even saw him walk down a hallway.  Suh has donated millions to the University of Nebraska.  He is a former athlete who now plays in the NFL for the Detroit Lions.

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  1. What a great field trip!! Maybe our school should take a trip like that - you really got the inside scoop! Your Erica is such a cutie!

  2. Field trips are so cool. Such good memories and a nice break from the day to day studies. Well done!

  3. We just went on this same tour last November and I thought it was fabulous! It looks like you had such a great time and I can't believe what you guys accomplished in one short day!