Friday, May 17, 2013

6th Grade Graduation

 On May 15th, the last day of school, Cara and her 6th Grade classmates graduated from 6th Grade.  They were promoted to junior high during Mass that morning.  The 6th graders were in charge of Mass and did a fantastic job!  They greeted, welcomed, sang, read, and prayed during Mass.
 This is Cara and Emma greeting guests as they arrived for Mass.  They directed parents, grandparents, and other guests where to sit during Mass.
 Elliot opened Mass by welcoming those in attendance to 6th Grade Graduation. 
 First, the 6th Graders processed into church to "Pomp and Circumstance" and then sat in alphabetical order in the front of church.
 Cara was in a group of three walking in and my photo showed Cara lagging behind her partners.  Therefore, I got this photo of Cara and Bree going to their seats.

 After Communion, Father Andrews, Principal Troy Berryman, Mrs. Pam Wolf, and Mr. Dustin Korth handed out certificates of grade school completion to all the 6th Grade students.  Father Andrews mentioned in his homily that these students are about to embark on the next phase of their lives a whole 75 yards across a parking lot in another building on the Norfolk Catholic campus.  He told them that it is okay to be excited and also nervous about this next step.  Mr. Berryman announced what family house each student would be joining in the fall. 
Cara and her teacher, Mr. Korth.  Mr. Korth happens to be my first cousin and also has red hair like Cara.  Cara had a good year in his classroom.

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