Thursday, May 9, 2013

Justin's Track & Field

 Justin took part in the Optimist Youth Track Club this spring.  With all of the cold weather that we experienced, they only got to have two practices before the ribbon meets.  The first night was running events. 
 Justin had the choice of the hurdles, 50 meter dash or the 100 meter dash.  He could choose two events and he chose both dashes.  Justin had his heart set on getting a blue, 1st place ribbon.  We told him to just run his hardest and whatever ribbon he received was fine.  First, he ran the 50 meter dash.  He WON his heat and received a 1st place ribbon!  He was so excited.  I had no idea this kid's little legs could run that fast and that he could pump his arms like that.  Then he ran the 100 meter dash and received a white, 3rd place ribbon.  He was a little disappointed, but still excited about winning another ribbon.
 The next night was the field events ribbon meet.  Justin was determined again to win and get a blue ribbon.  He chose to compete in the long jump and on his last jump, WON again!  When they called his name for first place in his grouping, the smile on his face was priceless!
We are so proud of Justin!
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  1. Way to go, Justin! Cute pictures of your little athlete!