Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Winter Swimming Lessons

Justin back floating.  The teacher was as surprised as we were that he could back float.
 All four of the kids are in the middle of winter swimming lessons.  The last few years we have made them take winter swimming lessons so that they are ready for summer swimming.  Plus, this is something to do when the weather here is cold and snowing.  They are about half way through their 8 week session of lessons.
 Justin is loving it and looks forward to going each week.  Erica is having fun too and doesn't really care.  Cara just shows up and swims her laps because she is on the last level of lessons - junior lifesaving.  Ashlin has been struggling.  The first night of lessons, the head lifeguard determined that Ashlin was in the wrong group and moved her up a level.  Somehow, Ashlin ended up in the wrong group (a too advanced group) and this made her cry and act out because it was too hard.  She has been struggling pretty much since then.  Hopefully things will turn around yet before the session ends.

 Justin is having so much fun that he smiles through the whole lesson.

 Erica is constantly talking to someone in her group.

Cara just swims her laps and practices making turns at the end of each lap.

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  1. Swim lessons are so fun! Love this aleternative to the regular sports.

  2. Great litle swimmers in your family! I'm a pro at the dog paddle! :)

  3. You guys are sooo good! Carson and Kamree hate swimming lessons so it's a battle to get them there. We usually have to do private lessons for Kamree! I won't even attempt them again until spring or summer!