Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Erica's New & Improved Closet Space

Last Friday the girls had a two hour late start at school due to the 7 inches of snow received the night before, therefore, Justin did not have preschool.  Keith is usually off on Fridays, so, he cleared snow, took the girls to school and then Keith and Justin started on a project.  The project was to remodel Erica's closet.  Justin had many questions for Keith throughout the whole project.  I wish I had taken a before photo, but the before was very scary and messy and would have made anyone scream.  Before the remodel, Erica used a dresser and a wardrobe to store her clothes.  Erica's closet it more of a storage room with a hole in the floor for a sump pump.  We have carpet over the floor in this storage area, plus we store other items in this area on shelves against the opposite wall. 
Keith emptied out the closet space and we hauled the wardrobe to Goodwill.  Then he built her a closet space on one end of the storage area.   He installed a double bar area for her clothes with a shelf above the bottom level to place folded items or shoes.  Then he built her a place for folded items such as uniform pant, jeans, sweatshirts.  These four cubby holes are great for folded items.  Erica's new closet space is similar to my half of the master bedroom closet.  I have a double hanging area and cubby holes for folded sweaters and such.
Erica still insists on using this rolling cart to store t-shirts and pajamas.  After organizing her clothes for hours, I hope it stays this way for quite a while.  We had many piles of clothes on her bed while we were sorting (the Goodwill pile, the throw away pile, the give to Ashlin pile, and the pile that needs to be stored until the weather warms up).
This is the antique dresser that she has been using.  She struggles to get the big two bottom drawers open and closed.  Now both of these drawers are empty.  Just the top two little drawers are full of her socks and underwear.  This dresser may end up getting moved to a different storage room.  We are so glad that this project is completed and we are very pleased with the end result.

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  1. Great job -- I have a few closets that need some work toO!

  2. Hooray for a closet makeover! That turned out great!

  3. Doesn't it just change so much? We just did ours and I love it! Good job on this closet.

  4. Love the look of her new closet. I have to admit, it looks much better than mine does right now!