Tuesday, February 5, 2013

4-H Project Day Part I

The winter 4-H Project Day was last Saturday.  There were many great projects to choose from this year.  It was a tough decision for Cara and Erica to make, but a few weeks ago when we had to sign up for project day they made their choices.  The girls pick their projects based on time, ease, state fair eligibility, etc.  Project day lasts from 9 am to 2 pm, but usually they let you stay until 3 to finish projects up.  We take our lunch because we know that we will be there the whole time.  This year Grandma Korth came along to help us.  Last year I needed an extra pair of hands to help both of the girls.  Grandma helped Cara with a big sewing project while I helped Erica complete smaller projects.
 The girls both decided to make these memo/message boards.  Very easy and cute to make.  First, they had to cut a cardboard flat to the size of an 8 x 11 inch piece of paper.  Next count out 20 pieces of paper.  Then pick out the fabric and ribbon that you wanted to use.  Then, cut your piece of fabric about 2-3 inches larger than your piece of cardboard on each side.  Then using a hot glue gun, glue the fabric inward like wrapping a present.  Next, glue on your ribbon pulling it tight.  Then attach a piece of ribbon for the hanger.  Last glue a piece of heavy cardstock to the back (this makes the back look finished because it covers up all the ribbon and fabric ends).  Cara and Erica were both happy with how the project turned out.
Another project Erica completed was this snowman made out of felt and buttons.  First she had to cut out her snowman shape and hat.  Next choose a piece of fabric to be the snowman's scarf.  Then we were ready to hot glue everything to the piece of background felt.  We tried to mix the size of the buttons around the snowman and also layer the buttons a little.  We are thinking about adding some little twigs for the snowman's arms and maybe some cotton balls or batting at the bottom for some snow.  We also thought about using puff paint to write something at the top to finish it off a little more. 

Two easy projects completed and I only burned my fingers a few times from the hot glue gun.  Tomorrow I will show a few more projects.

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  1. Great projects! So cute and both girls look so happy! What fun!

  2. How fun! They look so proud, too. :)