Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Preschool Valentine's Party

 Before going to work on Thursday, I stopped by the Justin's preschool Valentine's Party.  He was so excited that morning when he was getting ready for school because he was going to party all day.  First, he would get to party at preschool and then after at Lynne's house for daycare.  The students were very excited at school to celebrate Valentine's Day.
 The preschoolers sang a few songs for the parents at the party.

 Justin received a whole sack of valentines and treats from his classmates.  He had to inspect each valentine.  He also received another whole sack of valentines at daycare.  Later that afternoon he dumped both sacks on the living room floor to look at everything.
The students also played a few little games at the party.  One game was musical chairs.  Justin did not win, but he did get pretty far into the game.

Take care,


  1. What a great party! Don't you love preschool!!

  2. School parties are sooo much fun! Cute pictures!

    P.S. We had our house inspection today so I secretly threw away all of the V-Day cards and candy. I wonder if and when they will notice!