Wednesday, February 6, 2013

4-H Project Day - Part II

 As I mentioned yesterday, Grandma Korth joined us at project day to help out.  Grandma was Cara's partner for a sewing project that took them 3 hours to complete.  Grandma was proud that Cara did not get discouraged or give up part way through.  Grandma said that Cara stayed positive and worked right along.  It was a big project; therefore, it took a while to complete.

 Each stripe had to be sewn together and the square added with lots of pressing involved.
 The hardest part was stitching the front to the back.
The finished Americana flag wall hanging turned out very cute.  We are proud of Cara for finishing the project.  Sewing may not be her favorite project, but someday it might come in handy.

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