Monday, February 25, 2013

6th Grade Science Project

The 6th Grade Science Project/Invention started weeks ago.  First, the students had to choose a partner in the grade to work with or the students could choose to complete the project on their own.  Each partnership had to be approved by the teacher.  Cara became partners with Rylee.  Then, they had to come up with an invention.  Each team had to complete a prototype, a report 10+ pages long, an iMovie, a poster board, and a presentation.  The completed project was due last Wednesday.  Naturally, each team procrastinated and it became a mad dash to complete the project.
The completed tri-fold poster board explaining the three goals of the project.
 Cara and Rylee's project was to create a lamp using a lamp kit and pieces, to create a lampshade using reusable or recyclable products, and to complete the project cheaper than purchasing a lamp from a store.  They succeeded in completing all three of their goals.
Cara took a class on how to wire a lamp and to make the lamp from a lamp kit and pieces.  They used pop tabs strung on string and yarn to cover the lamp shade.  The project was completed for $15.  All they have left to do is to present the project to the class and receive their grade.  Cara is nervous about presenting in front of the class, but I told her that she knows her product and how it was created.  The presentation should be the easiest part.  This is pretty much their whole grade for the 3rd quarter, so, we are crossing our fingers for a good grade.

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  1. Wow! Way to go, Cara and Rylee! I dread these school projects!