Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Erica Turns 10

Erica turned 10 years old last week on the 13th.  She was bummed when she found out that her birthday was on Ash Wednesday.  This really limited her food choices on her birthday which was a bummer, but she made the most out of her birthday.  She celebrated her birthday the weekend before with a few friends.  On Fat Tuesday, all of the kids lived it up eating everything in sight.  They walked in the door from school and declared it Fat Tuesday.  Then they proceeded to eat ice cream, chips, pop, candy and everything else they could get their hands on.  I was sure that someone would say that their stomach hurt before the night was over.  She celebrated her birthday at school on Tuesday with another boy in the class.  Abe brought the snacks and Erica brought the juice boxes.
Erica wanted to have a sleepover for her birthday.  She could invite three friends.  One friend had other family plans for the weekend, but her other two friends could make the party.  They decided to go bowling first.
This was Justin's first time to bowl and he had fun, but also a few meltdowns.  He loved the bumpers, but decided that real bowling isn't as easy as bowling on the Wii.
Erica, Charlie and Reilly bowled on one lane and Justin, Ashlin and Dad bowled on another lane.  High fives were given out for good shots, spares and strikes.
 After bowling, we picked up Pizza Hut pizza on the way home for supper.
 Erica wanted cupcakes and a round cake for her birthday, so, I made both and frosted them with bright pink and bright yellow frosting.  Justin and Ashlin helped put the sprinkles on.  The Johnson family stopped by to eat cake and sing "Happy Birthday".

 Erica's gift for her birthday is a new bike, but Dad won't buy the new bike until closer to spring.  Therefore, she also received some colored and patterned duct tape to make into a tote bag.  She has been wanting some more colored duct tape to work with.
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  1. What a fun birthday celebration!! Maddy is also making things out of duct tape and hopes to have a business going this summer! Not sure who's going to buy her crafts though! :)

  2. Happy birthday to Erica! It looks like she had a great time celebrating!