Monday, December 10, 2012

Itty Bitty Basketball

Justin standing by a group of students from Sacred Heart School.  Left to right: Ty, Brenden, Max, Chase, Tyson, don't know & Justin
 Justin participated in a two week itty bitty basketball clinic put on by our local YMCA for the past two Saturdays.  He was so excited to get to participate in a sport like his big sisters.  He flew out of bed on Saturday and got dressed for his practice.
 Whenever the kids were supposed to listen to the coaches, they were told to tummy tuck the basketball.
 Before you play the game, you have to stretch and warm-up first.
 Learning how to move the ball around.
 The players learned how to pass the ball 3 ways: chest pass, bounce pass and overhead pass.  Somehow Justin and Tyler (one of the neighbor boys) always ended up being partners.
 Learning to dribble the ball using one hand and then the other hand.
 Finally, they got to practice shooting the basketball.

 More practice handling the ball.
The coaches both days stressed the importance of practice, practice, practice.  Justin had so much fun and he also got to take home one of the small basketballs.

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  1. Jack and Lainey just started, too. Such a hoot!

  2. What a cute little clinic! We love YMCA sports!