Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

Ashlin with her new purple ipod shuffle that she wanted.
 Our family is very fortunate that we do not have to travel for Christmas.  Both sets of grandparents live within an hour drive of our home; therefore, our kids always wake up on Christmas Day in their own beds dreaming of what Santa has brought them overnight.  Christmas Day at our house is a day of doing what you want to do, relaxing and playing with your gifts that you received.
 Erica received a new lava lamp for her room.  Plus, Cara gave her the fuzzy zebra stripe blanket for Christmas.
 This is Cara explaining to Keith what her iHome electronic device is used for.  She was excited when she opened this gift.  It wasn't on her list which was a surprise for her.
One excited Justin when he opened the box to find Nebraska pajama pants and a Nebraska shirt.  He will be all set now with Nebraska gear to wear on New Year's Day when Nebraska plays in their bowl game.
Ashlin scored a Wii uDraw to play with over the Christmas break.  The girls were excited when Ashlin received this gift and they also got Just Dance 4 for the Wii.  The Wii will be played quite a bit over the Christmas vacation from school, especially if it stays this cold outside.
This was on my Christmas list - a new clothes drying rack.  The kids broke my last one because they played with it quite often.  This rack is bigger and much sturdier than my previous one. 
Justin holding his new Dream Lite that he requested.  One day in Walgreens they had a huge display of these and I refused to buy him one because it was so close to Christmas.  He loves sitting in his room in the dark with his new puppy Dream Lite on.
Erica requested a camera for Christmas.  She wanted a camera to take on her 4th Grade field trip to Lincoln in the spring.  Her siblings are already tired of her snapping their photos around the house.
Cara received many new clothing items.  She is growing upward so fast and nothing fits her.  Her pants have to be in long length due to her legs being so long.  She received some new clothes from her favorite store Aeropostle.
Justin's facial expressions may have been some of the best when he was opening his gifts.
Santa left one large gift by the fireplace marked "Leader Family" and inside was a new laptop computer.  We have needed a new computer for awhile so this was a blessing that Santa knew what we really needed and wanted.  Know I need to figure out exactly how to use this new laptop with Windows 8.
Yes, a bomb of wrapping paper and boxes went off in our living room.  We cleaned up after everything was opened.

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  1. What a great Christmas!! So happy to see your lovely bomb of wrapping paper and boxes -- same story at our house!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Looks like you had a fabulous Christmas! I'm sure you will enjoy playing with the new laptop.
    Happy New Year!