Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Time for Giving

Each class at Sacred Heart Elementary completes a service project during the Advent season. This is a way for the students to understand how much they have to be thankful for and how many less fortunate people there are in our community.  

Our family usually picks a few children's names off the Salvation Army tree to buy gifts for or one of the bank's has a tree with nursing home residents on it that need gifts.  But this year with all four kids in school, we donated a little more to each of their class projects to help out.

Justin's preschool class is donating money to the Good Neighbors Fund in our community.  Anyone that needs help with food, rent/utility payments, or gifts may go to this group and get help year round, not just at Christmas time.  Justin took his donation to school and put it in the money jar for these people in need.

Ashlin and Cara's grades worked together and adopted three families in our parish.  The classes will be supplying gifts for these three families.  We purchased a nice sweater for each of the mother's in these families.

Erica's grade donated pairs of children's pajamas for the Salvation Army to hand out this holiday season.  Erica took a pair of pajamas for an older child to help out.

My children have no idea what it is to go to bed hungry or cold, but they are getting old enough to realize that other children do live in this kind of situation.  Sometimes they don't want to donate and we tell them that we have the means to help in this small way for each of their these causes.  We also tell them that they should want to help others because you never know when you may need help yourself.

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  1. It was so nice of you to help out so many families this holiday season. I especially love to give this time of year!

    See you soon!