Friday, December 7, 2012

Grandpa Bob Retires

My Dad, Grandpa Bob, retired on November 17th.  He turned 69 years old in August and now was the time to retire.  He has worked the last 15 years hauling ice cream for Highland Roberts Dairy.  His job required him to work nights, therefore, he missed many activities over the years. But since retiring, he has been spending time attending events and visiting grandchildren.  He could be found sitting in the YMCA gym watching volleyball games and cheering on Erica and Cara.  Grandpa Bob and Grandma went to Minnesota over Thanksgiving to visit Jack and Julia and Chase and Truitt were also there for the holiday.  He even went to Lincoln with the kids and me to watch Norfolk Catholic win another football state championship.  Next on his list of activities is a two-day bus trip this week followed up with attending the grandchildren's Christmas programs.  I sincerely hope that my Dad enjoys his retirement years!!!

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