Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cookie Extravaganza

 The 2nd Grade and 6th Grade were teamed up for Advent service projects this year.  They adopted three families in our parish to buy gifts for and the then they had to decorate and frost cut-out cookies for the Soup Kitchen.  A woman in our parish bakes the cookies and then the students frost and decorate.
 Every time I have a 2nd grader, I get put in charge of the cookie extravaganza event.  I have got this event down to a science with what is needed and how much of everything we need.  I send out letters to the parents and get some moms to help with the event.  This means the room moms don't have to worry about this event.
 This year I was lucky and I had both a 2nd grader and a 6th grader.  This year the students frosted and decorated between 800 and 900 cookies for the Soup Kitchen.  It takes us about an hour to set up the room, an hour to frost and decorate and about 20 minutes for clean-up.  The Soup Kitchen picks up the cookies later in the day after the frosting has had a chance to dry.
 Each student is given a plate of four cookies to start with, a plastic knife, a paper towel and one pair of plastic gloves.  The students are divided at the tables so that the older students can help the younger students.  After a student finishes a plate of cookies, they are given another plate of four cookies to frost.  Cara and Ashlin even picked to sit at the same table which made it easier to snap photos of the event.

 The finished cookies looked so pretty on the trays.  We had quite a variety of colors of frosting and many containers of sprinkles for the students to work with.  Now I will have a few years off from organizing the event until Justin reaches 2nd grade.  He will then be my last 2nd grader to complete the cookie extravaganza event.
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  1. Those cookies look great. I think it is wonderful that you have these service projects at your school. You are an amazing mom to organize these events. I am sure you are the parent teachers love to have as part of their classroom.

  2. Wow! Your cookies turned out soooo cute! How fun to get the kids involved too!