Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ashlin Singing

Last Wednesday, the Kindergarten class walked from school to a nursing home to sing songs for the residents. Justin and I met them at the nursing home to listen before I had to go to work. Mrs. Hammond, Ashlin's teacher, said that it took them quite a while to walk the few blocks because the students had to pick leaves and jump over sidewalk cracks. Some of the students were very surprised to see me there. They forget that I am not just at school, but that I am also a "mommy". They were saying "Hello, Mrs. Leader" and some even stopped to give me a hug on the way by. The students sang songs about apples and bears.

Ashlin and her classmates waiting for the singing to begin.

No song is ever complete unless it has actions.

The Kindergarten class just completed a unit on apples in Science, therefore, they know quite a few apples songs. Ashlin learned about the star in an apple, different apples taste different, Johnny Appleseed, how to make crock pot applesauce, etc. I am impressed with how much she learned.

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  1. What a fun outing! The kids look sooo cute in their uniforms!

    Speaking of apples, I just had a Honeycrisp with caramel for dessert. Yummy!