Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Hunting

On Saturday, I was invited to a pumpkin painting/carving party at the home of one of the preschool students. Kadee's family runs a produce farm business. They grow pumpkins, watermelons, cantaloupes, tomatoes, sweet corn, etc. The whole (extended) family works with the produce. Kadee invited the afternoon preschool class to pick as many pumpkins as they wished.

This is one of the pumpkin fields. There were other fields of pumpkins also. We rode on a flatbed to get to the field. Justin thought it was so much fun. The dirt is sandy therefore, perfect for growing produce.

Ashlin with the pumpkin she picked.

Justin deciding which pumpkin he wants to take home.

Erica, Ashlin, Justin and Tyler painting their pumpkins. You could either paint or carve. My kids chose to paint. Kadee's mom also had snacks for the kids, goodie bags to take home and a ghost pinata filled with candy. The weather on Saturday was forecasted to be cloudy and cold with a 70% chance of rain, but the weather man was wrong. The weather was sunny and warm and we didn't get a drop of rain (we could really use the rain though).

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P.S. Did you hear me scream last Friday??? Cara scored well on her Social Studies test. She missed two questions. We are very proud of her for doing her best!

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  1. Go, Cara, go! I thought I heard something out here.