Monday, October 11, 2010

Spirit 2010: Part I

Saturday was the annual fundraiser for the catholic school that our children attend. This year was our 3rd year to attend, but it was the 20th year for the annual fundraiser. In this one night over $100,000 is raised for our catholic school. Around the first part of September, invitations arrive in the mail. The theme this year was Spirit of the West.

The gym at the school is transformed into a night of entertainment for all. There are curtains hung on every wall in the gym so that the walls and bleachers are not visible. Then against the walls tables are placed displaying the oral and silent auction items. Then the room is filled with tables for the guests and in the center is the VIP table which is auctioned off each year and these guests get extra attention by waiters/waitresses, appetizers, champagne, etc. This is how a table looked Thursday night.
This event is planned for a whole year. The transforming of the gym begins on Wednesday night when carpet is laid on the gym floor. Then on Thursday at noon the decorating begins. A company comes in and starts setting up tables, chairs, hangs curtains, drapes risers, sets up a stage, etc. Then parish volunteers start setting tables, setting up auction items, etc. The setting up process continues until Saturday afternoon. Guests for the evening start arriving at 5:00 p.m. for an evening of fun. This pergola was where the VIP guests sat. This photo is from Thursday evening also. The pergola was an item on the oral auction.

A few months ago I was asked by one of the event organizers if I could be a volunteer for the event. One of the chairwomen had a nephew getting married on Saturday and they needed a person to take her place for the weekend. Jodene is responsible for all the computer work. She assigns bid numbers to guests, inputs RSVPs, prints reports for the kitchen on what guest is eating what, assigns table numbers, inputs all of the silent and oral auction items, etc. The list is endless. I was Jodene's replacement for the weekend. Thursday afternoon I helped put items together. Friday I sat at a computer 90% of the day and evening typing and Saturday morning I completed last minute items. I will help again next year, but I already said that I want a different job. This photo is one of the centerpieces for the guest tables. You could purchase a table centerpiece for $25 that evening. The lit candle was placed in the lantern for the evening.

These mugs held a black dinner napkin and a red bandanna. Each guest took home the red bandanna and the mug as a gift.

Tomorrow I will share more photos and details of the event.

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  1. Looks like a fun theme! Can't wait to see what you won at the auction this year!

  2. WOW! Maybe we need to do something like that at the Y! That is double our goal for our annual Storng Kids Campaign! What a great event!