Friday, February 12, 2016

Youth Bronco Wrestling Tournament

Sunday morning we were up before the sun to make weigh-in at the Youth Bronco Wrestling Tournament in Stanton.  Justin had to be weighed in by 8:30 and start wrestling at 9:30.
 Justin weighed in light again at 52.1 lbs.  First up, was a wrestler from Bloomfield.  Justin handled him in a 6-0 decision. 
 Next up was a wrestler from Elkhorn Valley.  At the start of the match, they hit heads during a takedown which resulted in tears and made Justin mad.  Then he really went after this wrestler, but Justin lost in a 6-8 decision.

 Last up was a wrestler from Pender.  This was another close and hard fought match with Justin winning 7-4.  Justin didn't realize until the ref raised his arm that he had won the match.
 Justin's bracket ended with a three-way tie for 1st because Justin had beat the kid from Pender, the kid from Pender beat the wrestler from Elkhorn Valley and the kid from Elkhorn Valley beat Justin and all three had defeated the wrestler from Bloomfield.  Therefore, they had to look at pins - and no one had a pin.  Then they moved on to number of takedowns - Pender wrestler-7, Justin-6 and Elkhorn Valley wrestler-4.  Therefore 1st went to Pender, 2nd to Justin and 3rd to Elkhorn Valley.
Justin had a very emotional day on the mat.  He had tears when he won and when he lost.  He didn't sleep well the night before because of nightmares, his stomach was upset, he gets himself worked up when he watches the other kids in his bracket wrestle, etc.  Justin and Dad had to take a walk outside before his last match to calm him down and to re-focus.  Justin's coaches do a great job with directions during the match, learning after a match, pep talks before a match, etc.  Justin looks up to Coach Classen, Coach Daniel, Coach Fisher and Coach Konicek.  They do a great job with these young wrestlers!

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  1. Bless his heart! I think he got his Daddy's nerves! LOL