Tuesday, February 23, 2016

5th Grade Inventor Project

The 5th Graders for a science project had to pick an item, find out who invented the item, research the inventor,  write a paper, and then give a presentation to the class, parents, and other students at school.  They hosted an open house one afternoon for the parents and other students to attend.

The 5th Grade students were paired up for the project.  Ashlin's partner was Channatee and they chose to research contact lenses.  Adolf Fick was the inventor of contact lenses.  They found all sorts of research and even had to cut some out of their research paper.  The girls did an excellent job when presenting it to the public.  One person had to dress up like the inventor and that was Channatee.

This tri-fold display gave me fits because the girls kept spelling the word contact wrong (3 times in fact) and I refused to go buy another board.  I kept telling Ashlin that the display board needed to be clean and professional looking.  A definite learning experience on display boards and presentations. 

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  1. Sounds like a really interesting topic! They look adorable!

  2. We just finished a science fair project too!