Thursday, February 18, 2016

Celebrating a Golden Birthday

Erica celebrated her Golden Birthday!  She turned 13 on the 13th!  Yes, we have another teenager in the house.
 Erica spent the day with her teammates playing in the YMCA's basketball tournament.  She provided breakfast snacks for the team after the first game of cutie oranges, granola bars and powerades.
 A photo of the three neighbor girls watching from the bench.

 After playing two games, it was lunch time and part of the team decided that a birthday luncheon at Valentino's was in order.
The girls ended the day playing in the championship game against Crofton.  They took home second place medals.  Erica did have cupcakes to share, but Justin dropped the whole container spilling 21 cupcakes all over the bleachers.  Not a happy moment!

Later that evening she had a friend come over and spend the night.  She picked an Oreo ice cream cake for her birthday.

I can't believe how fast Erica is growing up (not only in height, but also in years).

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  1. Happy Birthday to Erica! Aren't teens fun! I thought she looked like she has gotten a lot taller lately! Hope you have a great weekend!