Thursday, February 4, 2016

January Bake Sales

Justin decided to join K-Kids this year at school.  K-Kids is the grade school level of Kiwanis on the adult level.  It is a service organization.
Justin's poster for the bake sale on the front door at school.
Every Friday during the month of January, K-Kids has a bake sale to raise money.  The money raised helps pay for the schooling for a little girl in Africa.  They have supported the education of this little girl for the last three years.
Every week Justin would have to take baked items to sell for 50 cents after school.  He took chocolate chip cookie bars and brownies.  The first week he got mad at me because the whole pan of bars went to the bake sale and none for him to eat at home.
Every week there was a mob of kids trying to get an item (pop, juice box, cookies, donuts, bars, puppy chow, chex mix, candy, etc).  After bake sales for four weeks, the group made a total of $669 to send to Africa.  These little sales are a huge success!

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  1. That is a great sale and such a worthy cause!!

  2. I love his giving heart! What a fabulous fundraiser!