Monday, February 29, 2016

Winning Some Hardware

 These 7th Grade girls have had a great club basketball season.  So far they have placed in every tournament except one.  And the one tournament that they didn't medal in was a tournament that they had to play up in the 8th Grade Division.  This last weekend they won their own NC tournament.
 They encountered a tough team from Homer in the first game.  It was a very, very physical hard fought game.
 Then they won games against Wayne, Pierce and Neligh.
 Erica doesn't always get to play, but when she does she has to make the most out of her minutes on the floor.  She did put up two shots and one shot did go in for her two points.  Basketball is not her favorite sport or maybe her best sport, but she practices and puts forth the effort.

 The victory huddle after a long day in the gym.
 At the NC Tournament, if you place 1st, the team gets championship t-shirts and medals.

Erica has one more tournament left in a few weeks before the basketball season is over.  It was a long weekend in the gym.  We sat through basketball games, wrestling and volleyball.  Needless to say, I am way behind on laundry, errands, etc.

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